Unique, elegant and advantageous to live an experience as a king

...the Royal Card

What is this?

The first card - unique, elegant and advantageous - dedicated to the 13 Royal Residences of Casa Borbone delle Due Sicilie, which will allow you to experience the unique atmospheres of the royal court, traveling along the crown of the artistic, cultural, archaeological and landscape delights of the Southern Italy, to the rediscovery of food and wine traditions, of fine craftsmanship in one with the events, facilities, services and conviviality that distinguishes the ancient territories of the "Two Sicilies".

Royal card

History, art, nature, architecture, theater, archeology, industries, agriculture, typicality in Naples and Southern Italy. All this represents the historical circuit of the Bourbon Royal Sites, a world identity heritage to be safeguarded and made known first of all to the younger generations.

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Piazza Carità, 32 | 80134 | Napoli (Italy)
+39 389 1034905 | info@royalcard.it

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